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Link Transit has a comprehensive Travel Training service to assist community members in learning how to ride the fixed route bus services and, if needed, Link Plus. The travel training staff helps riders plan trips and provides instruction on how to access the bus services, rider etiquette and personal safety.

Prior to training, an interview is conducted by the travel trainer, to determine the participant's skills, abilities and goals related to the use of transit services. This helps determine the level, and if, the participant should enter the training program.

Instruction is provided in various levels with formats designed to maximize each individual's ability to learn to travel independently on the fixed route service. Those riders eligible for Link Plus service may also request travel training to acquaint them with the drivers, schedules, safety and rider etiquette. Most training is provided on a one-to-one basis, but can be presented for groups in a workshop format.

Enjoy this short video on how travel training can help you.

Travel Training can involve the following processes.

  1. Mobility device training, for fixed route.
  2. Basic orientation to the system (reading schedules and route planning).
  3. Individualized destination specific one-to-one training, both short and long term.

There is no charge for Link Transit's travel training service and participation in the training program is strictly voluntary.

For more information call Guest Services at (509) 662-1155