Connecting our Communities

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Each fall, Link Transit staff go into third grade classrooms in the schools throughout our service area and work with the kids to teach them a little bit about public transportation and the positive benefits it provides to our communities. In 2017,  we worked with 25 different classes.

A major result of this effort is getting the kids to illustrate the transit passes that we sell. Each student is asked to draw a picture representing public transportation in their community. These drawings are then judged by Agency staff, and those selected are printed on the backs of the monthly passes.

Each student selected gets a copy of their pass, a certificate, and their artwork on a t-shirt. The students love this program, and so do the teachers. We have been doing this program for 12 years.

Link Transit has won two AdWheel Awards for this program, one in 2001, the first year for, and again in 2004. That year we also won a Grand Award, which is given to the best entry in each category. We won for the Print Media category.