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CURRENT ROUTE SIGNAGEThe "Current" Routes are a network of three high frequency routes that operate throughout much of the commercial district of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. These routes run as frequently as every 15 minutes most of the day Monday - Friday, and every 30 minutes on Saturdays. They are often operated using battery electric vehicles, and are fare-free for all riders.

Routes are identified by unique signage like that shown here.

Current Route A
Yakima St., Chelan Ave., S. Mission Ave., Grant Rd., Simon St., Valley Mall Parkway, 9th St., Mission St., Orondo St.

Current Route B : Worthen St., Riverside Dr., Ninth St., Piere St, Fifth St.

Current Route C : Wenatchee Ave., Maple St., Valley North Center, Chelan St., 5th St., Wenatchee Ave.