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All Link buses are equipped with bike racks. In town routes (30 and 35 foot buses and trolleys) can carry 2 bikes, and 40 foot buses operating intercity routes (20, 21, and 22) can carry 3 bikes on each bus.

Effective immediately, bikes will be allowed on-board buses operating on Routes 20, 21 and 22 if the following conditions are present:

  • the bike rack on the front of the bus is full
  • there is a low number of guests on board the bus
  • the bicycle owner is capable of holding onto the bicycle
  • there is still room to accommodate the bicycle and other guests using ADA mobility devices

Bikes will not be allowed on the bus if:

  • the bike rack on the front of the bus is not full
  • there is a high number of guests already on the bus
  • the bicycle interferes with a guest using an ADA mobility device ability to ride
  • guest is not capable of holding onto the bicycle..

If a guest using an ADA mobility device boards the bus, and the only space available to them is occupied by a bicycle, the guest with the bicycle may be asked to de board the bus.

To bring your bicycle on the bus, it must be:

  • clean
  • non-motorized
  • not a tandem bicycle

Because bicycles sometimes interfere with the visibility of headlights, there may be instances when the driver requests the guest to bring their bike on-board the bus even if the bike rack is not full. This is up to the discretion of the individual driver.

Here is a short video on how to load your bike!