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Input on Route 22 Needed

If you are a resident of Leavenworth or any of the upper Wenatchee River Valley communities, or a Wenatchee resident who commutes to Leavenworth, we want to hear from you. Take the survey here:
or read below for more details.

The recent changes to Route 22 in Leavenworth concurrent with the opening of the Wilkommen Park and Ride have not been well received by many of our riders coming out or going into Leavenworth. We recognize there is a need for improvement, so we are asking for those who ride, or would ride, to provide us some input on possible solutions for this route.

We are also looking at the possibility of adding some express trips from Leavenworth into Wenatchee in the morning, and maybe even some returning to Leavenworth in the afternoon or evening. These express trips would be a limited stop service that would dramatically reduce the travel time between Leavenworth and Wenatchee. Once the bus leaves Leavenworth, it would stop only on the highway at Peshastin, Big Y, Dryden, Monitor, and be limited stops with drop-off only in Wenatchee. There would still be service operating that would serve all the existing stops on this route.

Additionally, this express route would travel south on Miller Street from, providing closer access to Wenatchee Valley College, and direct acces to Central Washington Hospital.

We want to know if this type of service would be of value to you, and when you would like it to operate.

Please take a few moments to complete our survey!!

We will be hosting an open house at Leavenworth City Hall to gather additional comments and suggestion on changes to the service in Leavenworth, and this new express service. This will be on Thursday, December 12 from 4:30 - 7:30 PM