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Link Transit Coach Operator Wins State Roadeo

JASON SANDBERG smallJason Sandberg, a 10 year coach operator with Link Transit, took top honors in the 35-foot divsion of the Washington State Coach Operators Roadeo held in Kennewick, WA on August 19. There were nine operators from transit systems throughout the state competing in the 35-foot division. Other competitors from Link Transit were Steve Burger in the 40-foot divsion, and Jose Torres in the body-on-chassis division.

Roadeo competitors maneuver their coach through a coned obstacle course consisting of a variety of turns, backing manuevers, and stopping events, while being timed. They are also judged on the smoothness of their ride. Points are deducted if the vehicle strikes a cone, or goes over the alloted time. Sandberg scored a total of 631 points out of a possible 700.
Over the past 9 years, Sandberg has competed at this event six times, placing in the top four in four outings. He will go on to compete next May in the International Bus Roadeo, held in Lousiville, KY.