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Link Board Approves Service Design Recommendations

Project Priorities

As part of this planning process, the Link Transit Board of Directors developed seven priorities to guide the development of service scenarios and recommendations for how Link should allocate future resources to improve transit service. These priorities are:

  •   Increase ridership and productivity while balancing geographic coverage
  •  Provide lifeline service for those who need it most
  • Offer high-quality service to connect the region’s communities
  • Provide fast and direct service to make transit competitive with driving
  • Explore service alternatives for locations difficult to serve with fixed-route transit
  • Encourage affordability of the transit system for guests
  • Evaluate and responsibly deliver what was promised to voters in Vision 2020
The full version of the report on this project is available here.

The chapter on the Preferred Scenario is available here.

The new and adjusted service will be phased in beginning mid-2022. The service that is actually put on the street will very likely be somewhat different than what is in this final report. As specific routes and schedules are developed, we will begin releasing those for public review.

If you have comments on any portion of this recommendation, please submit those to