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8-29-2019:  Until further notice, Route 11 is being rerouted up Grant Rd. to Gilmer/Houston/3rd.  Click here for map

9-5-2019Effective October 7, 2019, Rt 22 will service Peshastin all on trips.   Additional shuttle service from Wilkommen Park & Ride beginning at 7:36am Click here for new schedue

9-18-2019:  On September 27th and 28th, Rt 21 in Mason will be unable to service the stop on Pedoi.  Click here for more information.

9-18-2019: On September 28th, Rt 22 and Rt D will not travel into Leavenworth from the Wilkommen Park and Ride from 11am - 2pm due to the Autumn Leaf Parade.  Click here for more information

9-19-2019:  On Saturday, September 21st, FREE Shuttle from the Wilkommen Park & Ride to the Leavenworth Salmon Fest.  Click here for more information.