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Expansion Projects and Timeline



Vision 2025
Since the spring of 2016, Link Transit has been engaging the citizens of our communities to determine what they would like their transit system to be.

They told us they want a more comprehensive transit system: one that operates earlier in the mornings, later in the evenings, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. They said they wanted more direct and faster service, service to more areas, and service that operates more frequently. They told us that the existing system is too limited to meet many of the needs of our region.

For regional economic growth, they feel public transportation has to meet the needs of tourism and service workers on the weekends, and for second and third shift workers for our medical, manufacturing and fruit industries.

They also told us we need more comprehensive service to provide access to affordable housing and to more fully meet the special needs of elderly and disabled residents.

Most importantly, they told us that these improvements were important enough for them to support a small increase in the sales tax.

What follows is our proposal to respond to these communities desires.

For results of the community survey conducted in May 2017: FINAL SURVEY REPORT UPDATE 11.17.pdf

More, Faster, Flexible and Community Scaled
This plan would be funded by a voter approved, 0.2% (2 cents on a ten dollar purchase) sales tax. The tax would be phased, with the first 0.1% being imposed upon the passage of the measure. The second 0.1% would be imposed in July of 2020. The funds generated by this tax would be 100% committed to the expansion and improvement of Link Transit services.

The revenues would be used as follows:
• Improvements to elderly and disabled services
• Extended hours (earlier and later service)
• More frequency (more buses per hour on major routes)
• Ridesharing services (vanpool, worker-driver services, innovative options)
• More Saturday service, Sunday and holiday service (Veterans Day, MLK Day, Presidents Day)
• New buses, improved stops, park and rides and associated capital expenses
• Improvements to sidewalks, paths and bike facilities serving transit

Specific Projects

Wenatchee and East Wenatchee Urban Area
• Create high frequency (15 minute) north-south services
• More direct neighborhood services with smaller vehicles
• Service options to serve 2nd and 3rd shift workers
• More Saturday service
• Provide Sunday and holiday service
• Sidewalk and stop improvements

LinkPlus Service (service for persons with disabilities)
• Extended hours of service
• Easier access low-floor buses/vans
• Easier to handle electronic fares
• Expanded same-day service

Chelan/Manson to Wenatchee
• Increase daily round trips
• Provide Sunday and holiday service
• Improved local service in Chelan/Manson area
• Develop a Chelan Transit Center/Park and Ride
• Sidewalk and stop improvements

Leavenworth to Wenatchee
• Increase daily round trips
• Reduced travel time by more direct route
• Provide Sunday and holiday service
• Construct Peshastin highway stop
• Construct highway stop at Hay Canyon/Goodwin Rd

Cashmere to Wenatchee
• Increase daily round trips
• Provide Sunday and holiday service
• Later service
• Develop Cashmere Transit Center/Park and Ride

Rock Island to East Wenatchee
• Increase daily round trips
• Later service
• Add Sunday and holiday service
• Develop Rock Island Park-n-Ride

Malaga to Wenatchee
• Increase daily round trips
• Later service
• Add Saturday, Sunday and holiday service

Waterville to Wenatchee
• Increase daily round trips
• Later service
• Add Saturday, Sunday and holiday service

All Areas
• Maintain low fares
• More direct routes – faster travel times
• Develop ridesharing options (van and bus pools, working with transportation network companies and vehicle sharing organizations)
• Implement electronic fares
• Smart phone information apps
• Real time arrival signs
• More energy and environmentally sound fleet

July 2018 
Extended hours on major routes
Increases to Saturday services to Chelan, Leavenworth and East Wenatchee
Leavenworth Shuttle (October)
Chelan Shuttle
More Link Plus service

January 2019
Saturday service to Waterville, Rock Island, Malaga
Electronic fares, real time information and Apps
New Ride Share options

July 2019
Sunday service
Extended hours in most areas
Basic access service till 1:00 am
Employer based Worker-Driver program
New smaller neighborhood buses

July 2020
New full sized buses on frequent routes
Higher frequency on major routes
Rock Island Park and Ride
Peshastin Highway stop
Hay Canyon Highway stop
Real time arrival signs
Transportation Network Company integration
Enhanced bus stops and Queue jumper (congestion reduction)

Post July 2020
Park and Rides in Cashmere and Chelan
Transit improvements on North Wenatchee Avenue
Upgraded stops on US 2/97, US 97A
Sidewalk and pathway improvements
Commute trip incentive programs


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Rider Alerts

December 9th and 16th


Because of the Leavenworth tree lighting ceremonies occurring on the above dates;

The outbound Route 22 buses departing Columbia Station at 2 PM and 4 PM will not service the outbound stops only, between Peshastin and the Leavenworth Safeway. They will be using North road between Peshastin and Leavenworth for the outbound portion of their runs only. They will be on regular route for the inbound portion of the run.


The final Route 22 (departing at 6:10 PM for these dates) will not be affected and will stay on regular route.


Please Yield To Buses

YIELD TO BUSES BIG BOX ADEvery day, more and more people are riding Link Transit to get where they need to go. This means that along all our urban area routes, every few blocks a bus may stop to pick up or drop off passengers, pulling out of traffic when there is room to do so. Sometimes this is not possible depending on the configuration of the roadway and the width of the parking lane.

If you happen to be behind a bus when it is signaling to get back into traffic, we ask that you please yield to the bus. This allows the bus driver to safely merge back into traffic while maintaining their schedule for those riding the bus, and waiting further down the route for the bus to arrive on schedule. It only takes a few seconds for the bus to get moving again, and then everyone can continue safely on their way.

Our drivers and our passengers thank you for this courtesy.



People For People Now Operating Wenatchee-Quincy Route

People For People, a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization committed to serving people throughout Central and Southcentral Washington State, is now providing service between Wenatchee and Quincy.

A grant from the Washington State Dept. of Transportation has made possible a pilot program to provide one round trip each day between Wenatchee and Quincy. The morning trip departs Columbia Station in Wenatchee at 5:50 AM and arrives at Quincy Foods at 6:50 AM. The return trip leaves Quincy Foods at 3:00 PM and arrives at Columbia Station at 4:00 PM.There are stops in Rock Island, Starr Ranch and ConAgra. Connections to Moses Lake via Grant Transit Authority are available in Quincy. Here is the complete schedule.

To ensure seating, please call between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm at least one business day in advance: 1-800-851-4204 Ext. 555 or (509) 765-9249 Ext. 555 or
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This service runs seven days a week, excluding holidays. There is no fare on this service.



Take Your Bike With You!

All Link Transit buses and trolleys are equipped with bike racks to make it easy to take your bike with you. This allows you to extend your travel past where the bus might take you, to use your bike for mid-day errands, or to return home at night. It is easy and there is no extra charge to take your bike.

Just a heads up though, the bike racks on Routes 20, 21, and 22 hold three* bikes, and all other routes hold two bikes. During the summer, there are often capacity issues, so it is best to try to board with your bike at the beginning of the trip, either at Columbia Station or at the other end, whereever that may be. BIkes cannot be brought inside buses, so please have an alternate plan in the event there is no room on the buses.

*There may be a trip sometime during the day on these routes where a bus with two bike capacity is used. 

The racks are easy to load and very quick. For a short video on how to load your bike, click here.


Tell Us Why You Ride The Bus

We want to know why you ride Link Transit. Is it because of the money you save, or because you know you are helping the environment? Take our poll here (it's on this page, just scroll down a bit and you will see it on the right).

And if you have more to add on why you choose to ride Link Transit, just drop us a short note at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Nine Ways You Can Fit Transit Into Your Busy Life

We know that not many people are ready to permanently park their car and start using transit for all their travel. But here are a few tips that might help you loosen the grip on your steering wheel, and help you begin using transit every now and then. A little change by many can result in positive changes in carbon emissions, congestion, and quality of life.

Download the complete list by clicking here>>nine_ways


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