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Nine Ways You Can Fit Transit Into Your Busy Life

We know that not many people are ready to permanently park their car and start using transit for all their travel. But here are a few tips that might help you loosen the grip on your steering wheel, and help you begin using transit every now and then. A little change by many can result in positive changes in carbon emissions, congestion, and quality of life.

1. Try using your car just one or two days a week. Use these days to run errands before or after work, or at lunch.

2. Are you dropping kids off at daycare? Find out if your daycare is on a bus route (many are) and see if you can leave your car there for the day, and take the bus from your daycare to your work location, and back again at the end of the day.

3. Plan a trip on a Saturday to Leavenworth or Chelan. Get a few friends together, and take the day to go play. You won’t have to worry about parking, and you can even imbibe if you wish and not have to worry about driving home. Maybe once you try transit for something like this you will realize that it is something you can try on a more regular basis.

4. No service where you live? There are several park and ride lots (most communities we serve have one) where you can leave you vehicle and catch a bus to your work location.

5. If you work in downtown Wenatchee and have errands to run during lunch, or want to go somewhere for lunch too far to walk, try taking the trolley. It runs every 15 minutes, and travels through downtown as far as Valley North Center, so it hits most everyplace you might want to go anyway.

6. Try fitting transit into your kid’s lives too. It teaches them independence and responsibility. Instead of playing taxi driver for their every need, have them find one place they can go on the bus and encourage them to try it out. Go with them the first time or two just to give you some peace of mind that they can do it. It might even give you some extra time and stretch your gas budget too.

7. Are you having trouble fitting a little more exercise into your daily routine? Maybe the walk to and from the bus stop is just what you need. It is cheaper than a gym membership, and lets you get out in your neighborhood and into the fresh air. What more perfect way to get out this spring, which is just starting to appear (albeit infrequently).

8. Ask your employer if they would support your use of public transportation by either paying for your bus pass, or allowing you to pay for it yourself using pretax dollars. Either of these options are allowable under IRS rules, and result in tax savings for you and your employer.

9. If you have absolutely no idea how to ride the bus, including how to read a schedule, or what fare to pay, you are not alone. We are here to help. You can call our Guest Services representatives at 662-1155 and they will walk you through the whole process. You will be surprised at how easy it is!