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From the list below choose one of our FAQs to read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us

How much fuel does Link Transit use each year?

Does Link Transit connect to the adjacent transit systems?

Does Link provide service to Pangborn Airport?

Why does the bus keep traveling it's route when it is empty?  Doesn't this cost money?

Why can't Link Plus drivers assist people into their home or doctors offices?

Why do Link Plus drivers only wait 5 minutes for their riders?

What is the "20 minute window" for Link Plus services?  Why does Link enforce the 20 minute window?

Do drivers have special training to be able to drive Link Plus?  Link buses?  What type of training must they have?

Why does it seem some people who don't have a disability qualify for Link Plus and other's who seem like they should qualify don't?

Is there an appeal process for people who are deemed not eligible for Link Plus?

Why is there an "eligibility" process for Link Plus...why can't any senior over 65 ride Link Plus?

Why don't Link buses run more frequently like in Seattle?

How are routes determined?

Why is Link Plus more expensive per person than the regular Link Transit routes?

What is Link's annual budget?

How many passengers does Link carry in a year?

How many passengers does Link carry each day?

How much does it cost to buy a bus?

How is Link funded, where does the money come from that Link uses to operate?

How does Link compare to other transit systems in the state for number of riders?

How does Link compare to other transit systems in the state for cost per rider?

What does it cost to run a single route for a year?

What does it cost to run a bus for one hour?

Why does Link not do charter service or service to special events?

Why are there not bus pullouts on major streets so the bus does not block traffic?

Why does service not operate later into the evening?

Why are there not routes into more areas?

Why are there no seat belts on the buses?

Why can't I bring my pet onto the bus?

How do I know if the bus is on time?

How much does it cost to ride the bus?

How big is Link's service area?

How many employees does Link have?

Does Link use hybrid buses? Why not?