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SkiLink Service Continues Through April

With the extended season at Mission Ridge, SkiLink service will operate through April 30 with the normal schedule of trips each day. You can view that schedule here.

SkiLink is free for anyone to ride this season too!! So get up and enjoy some sunshine and spring skiing or riding at the best mountain in the Northwest!!


Help Build The Future Of Link Transit


Last year, we asked the residents of Chelan and Douglas Counties for their ideas and suggestions on how transit could be improved. We saw about 1100 comments come in, ranging from wanting more service on Saturdays, earlier or later hours of service during the week, adding service on Sundays, and a variety of other suggestions.

Now it is time for you to priortize those ideas, and tell us which ones are the most important to you, your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. We want to know whether you desire some service improvements over others, and how that desire may translate into support for additional sales tax to fund the improvements you want to see happen.

To help you do this, we have a very cool interactive survey for you to take. This lets you see what kind of costs are associated with each of the choices you are making, and how this may impact sales tax, which is the primary funding source for Link Transit.

Click here to  take this survey. And thank you for taking a few minutes to share your vision for the future of our public transit.


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Apple Blossom Reroutes

Link Transit Adjusts Routes For Apple Blossom Parades
All routes except 21, 22 and 28 will be fare-free on parade days

Link Transit routes will be altered on Saturday, April 29, and Saturday, May 6 to accommodate the parades in Wenatchee. Schedules will be adhered to as closely as traffic conditions will allow. Routes have been adjusted to get riders to and from the main areas of activity as easily and conveniently as possible, without disrupting regular service to a great extent. And this year, Routes 1, 5, 8E, 8W, 23 and Current A, B and C will be fare free on both Saturdays. Route 7 will not operate on either day.

There will aslo be a shuttle operating from Shopko the the carnival at the Town Toyota Center on April 28 & 29, and May 5 & 6, from 3 to 9 PM. This shuttle is free and runs every 20 minutes.

For more information, call Guest Services at 662-1155.

Here are maps of the re-routes:



Apple Blossom 2017 "General" Information

As you are aware, Link will be operating a unique service on both Saturdays of Apple Blossom. Here is a summary of the service changes. All routes with deviations will begin service using their designated re-routes.

Current A: Depart Columbia Station using Kittitas to Chelan.

Current B: Regular hours from Columbia Station via Worthen/Riverfront/9th /Chelan to 5th. IB 5th-Mission-9th-Riverfront/Worthern

Current C: Youth Parade: Regular service outbound. Inbound route will travel from Chelan St. down 9th St. to Wenatchee Ave to Columbia Station
Grand Parade: Regular hours from Columbia Station via Worthen Street/5th/Pierre/9th outbound/inbound

Route 1: Grand Parade: Departs Columbia Station every 30 minutes from 7:30AM – 5:30PM with a modified routing from 7:30AM – 2:30PM. Will return to regular routing beginning at the 3:30pm departure.

Route 5: This route will not serve Columbia Station. It will begin service on King Street @ Washington (Memorial Park) at 7:30am and run every hour until 4:30pm (except at 11:30AM). Deviated to Cherry St OB/IB. then regular route to/from 5th and Miller. Deviated Miller and 9th OB/IB. Regular route to/from WalMart.

Route 7: This route will not operate either Saturday.

Route 8W: Depart Columbia Station using Kittitas to Okanogan with some deviations off of Miller between Millerdale and Washington. Return to regular routing on Miller at the 3:30PM departure

Route 8E: Depart Columbia Station with some IB deviations off of Miller between Washington and Millerdale and (using Kittitas to CS all day). Return to regular routing on Miller at the 2:30PM departure.

Route 21: Grand Parade: Depart Columbia Station deviating outbound/inbound via Worthen Street/5th/Pierre/9th
Youth Parade: Depart C.S deviating OB/IB via Worthen Street/5th/Wenatchee Ave/9th

Route 22: Grand Parade: Depart Columbia Station deviating outbound/inbound via Worthen Street/5th/Pierre/9th
Youth Parade: Depart C.S deviating OB/IB via Worthen Street/5th/Wenatchee Ave/9th

Route 23: Regular service.

Route 28: Grand Parade: Depart Columbia Station deviating outbound/inbound via Worthen Street/5th/Pierre/9th
Youth Parade: Depart C.S deviating OB/IB via Worthen Street/5th/Wenatchee Ave/9th

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, we will be using the same re-route for both the Youth and Grand Parades.




SkiLink service is still operating, and will continue through April 30, if Mission Ridge does stay open that long. This year SkiLink service is free, even if you don't have a Mission Ridge season pass or Link Transit pass.

There are seven round trips each day, with additional buses provided at peak periods if needed. Added this year is a trip that arrives at Mission Ridge at 7:35 for Mission Ridge employees. SkiLink will not serve Fred Meyer this year.


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